Your MSP Sales Strategy Must Change as IT and Telecom Converge


It started with digital transformation, which refers to integrating digital technology into all areas of a business. Companies started to use technology to support knowledge workers in areas including project management and collaboration. Then, companies started moving to the cloud and information became king. While mobile had always been an issue for digital transformation, the last year has made the issue of taking mobile to new heights a mission-critical goal. As a result, MSP sales strategies need to change.

Today, companies don’t just want users to be able to log in from a mobile device – they need to offer remote workers technology that allows them to work from anywhere as if they were in the office. The telecommunications challenges companies face to support remote workers has caused the line between the IT department and the network department to blur. To remain competitive, your MSP sales strategy must acknowledge that change.

Can Expanding Into UCaaS Grow Your Business?

The short answer is yes. Not only is it possible, but if you don’t make the move before your competitors, you may get left behind.  Many IT departments are reeling from the need to support remote workers so quickly. The more vendors they need to work with, the more time they must spend coordinating services. They typically see an advantage to having their MSP provide UCaaS services.

How Should an MSP Sales Strategy Change?

Once you decide to add telecom to your portfolio, you can talk to your customers about their most pressing needs and provide complete solutions to meet those needs. For example:

  • Improving productivity regardless of where a worker is located. A big part of meeting this need is providing the ability to communicate within the company and between the company and its customers. A customer who is still using a PBX needs to know that they can’t wait to move their communications to the cloud.
  • Improving collaboration. Effective collaboration is critical, especially when a company supports remote workers. Providing tools like voice, chat, messaging, video conferencing, screen sharing, and others isn’t just a luxury – it’s a necessity. And those tools must be available to everyone, whether they’re in an office or working from home

You'll Need a Telecom Partner

Unless you’re a UCaaS expert, you’ll need to work with a partner. Even if you know voice and connectivity well, without a partner, you’d need to significantly increase the size of your staff to provide the technical expertise and support your customers need.

You’ll need a partner with a reliable communication platform, the right expertise to find the right solutions, and a support staff that has a track record of customer retention.

Have a Successful 2021 When You Partner With NXTSYS, Powered by AppSmart

Our unique co-selling program gives you the ability to stay at the center of your customer relationships. You’ll establish an edge over competitors who are still using a traditional model.

With our experts on your team, you become the expert. We’ll sell with you and work with you to find the best solutions, and then split the commissions 50/50. When MSPs co-sell with NXTSYS, their close ratio goes up over four times. Prefer to run the entire process yourself?  We have a model for that too, and it pays an even greater share of the commissions.  Our customer retention is over 99.5% annually, so you know that your customers will be using a reliable platform and getting the best customer service.

What’s more, our relationship with AppSmart gives MSPs access to the highest commission payout tier with the most stringent contract protections with every major (and minor) UCaaS provider in the marketplace. No master agency can offer more in a full service, MSP focused co-selling relationship.

Contact NXTSYS today to learn more about how co-selling is the MSP sales strategy that will help you grow your bottom line.

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