Why Successfully Selling Cyber Security Requires Educating Your Clients


The pandemic has pressured numerous organizations to undergo a digital transformation.

In recent months, many have invested in digital solutions and IT infrastructure to enable remote-work operations and maintain normalcy. 

As organizations increase the volume of digital solutions in their arsenal, investing in cyber security has become crucial. After all, a cyber attack can easily diminish your credibility and lead to high-paying penalties to affected customers or clients. 

According to Cyber Defense Magazine’s Data Breach Report,1 the global total cost of a data breach has averaged $3.86 million in 2020. On top of this, Verizon’s 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report2 states that 72% of breaches occurred in large businesses, while 28% took place in small businesses.  

As a managed services provider, you understand the need for cyber security. 

Now, how to encourage your clients to jump on the bandwagon before it’s too late?

Here are some tips to consider to successfully sell cyber security. 

1. Understand Your Client’s Needs

Different industries have distinct security measures and compliance regulations. The cyber security solutions that an ecommerce store requires will be poles apart from the needs of a healthcare business. 

To effectively convince clients to invest in security, predict their needs beforehand. Read up on the laws and regulations of their industry. Ask them why they want to invest in a specific solution or IT infrastructure. Did they experience a data breach? Is it their first time to invest in cyber security tools?

If you understand their needs, then you’ll know what you need to get started selling cyber security. 

2. Educate Clients 

Though some may recognize the benefits of investing in cyber security, they don’t know how to pick the solutions which are best for them. So, it's up to you to fill in the blanks. 

Become a trusted adviser and educator and cut through the technical jargon. Help them understand the cyber security measures they require and explain them in simple and easy-to-understand language. 

You should also present contextual examples of real-world situations through case studies. Use this as the entry point for discussion and you’ll easily grab your client’s interest. 

3. Adjust Based on the Budget 

A Fortune 500 company’s budget for cyber security infrastructure won’t be the same as what a small business can acquire because of its varying financial capabilities. 

To remain relevant, adjust your recommendations based on what your clients can afford. 

No matter how much money a business has, there’s still no foolproof way to avoid cyber security threats by 100%. That’s precisely why you should show clients how to plan to mitigate the risk and recover from all types of cyber attacks.  

4. Use a Master Agent

If you’ve done the aforementioned, you’re probably near the home stretch of closing the deal. Of course, you’ll be brimming over with confidence, but what if clients prefer another provider? 

Get in touch with NXTSYS to start successfully selling cyber security. Our team of cyber security experts can help you build custom-crafted solutions that fit your clients’ specific needs. Our partners can access 150+ providers, so getting the solutions which your clients prefer will require minimal effort. 

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