Transform the Customer Experience With RingCentral


Creating a positive customer experience is at the top of the priority list for MSP customers. Doing this is a new kind of challenge in 2021 – businesses are adjusting to long-term remote and hybrid working arrangements, and traditional contact centers are a thing of the past. 

In our upcoming session with RingCentral, we’ll discuss market differentiators and what businesses are looking for in the ideal CX solution. 

Transforming CX With RingCentral Contact Center: Webinar Details

Join us for our upcoming webinar: 

Transforming CX With RingCentral Contact Center

May 18th 2PM Central, OR

May 20th 10AM Central 

Choose one session where we will address: 

  • common MSP questions about cloud contact center solutions 
  • how you can leverage RingCentral to create the ultimate customer experience

At the end of the 10-minute presentation, you can participate in our hosted trivia game using your phone as a trivia console. Participants will be entered to win an Oculus Quest 2 headset and earn points towards our monthly prize of a $1,000 Amazon gift card!

Sign up for our webinar today, gain valuable knowledge from NXTSYS experts, and start selling RingCentral Contact Center!

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