NXTSYS: Not Your Typical Master Agent for MSPs

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MSPs all have unique needs in terms of what you seek from a master agency. Whether you need to rely on fully outsourced expertise or simply want access to a broad product portfolio depends on many factors, including your level of comfort with different technologies. 

That’s why NXTSYS takes a different approach to being a master agent for MSPs. We’re committed to your success and capable of customizing partnerships to ensure your customers get exactly what they need – while you earn profits and stay competitive.

NXTSYS is here to help you score big on the MSP playing field. Here’s what you need to know about partnering with NXTSYS for MSP success.

We Offer 3 Ways to Partner

We’ve learned in our years serving MSPs and your customers that there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all partnership. That’s why NXTSYS offers three different partnership options to MSPs:

  • Outsourced Agency: Some MSPs prefer the bolt-on method of partnership, so we give you the option to add a team of proven NXTSYS industry veterans to your staff – at zero cost to you. When you leverage us as an outsourced agency, you simply identify that your customer has a technology need, and we do all the heavy lifting.
  • Co-Selling Agency: If you don’t need the support of an outsourced team, but you need help keeping up with the speed at which technologies evolve, you’ll find success with our co-selling model. You get to stay engaged with your customers and help shape the solutions we present – and we split the commissions 50/50. 
  • Traditional Master Agency: If you’re deeply familiar with telecom, cloud, and security and simply need access to a comprehensive product portfolio – with evergreen, top-tier residual commissions – then leveraging NXTSYS as a traditional master agency is your best move. Whether you need SD-WAN or MPLS, hosted phone systems, fiber networks, public or private cloud deployments, or specialized cloud-based security solutions, we have the products your customers are looking for. 

We’re Committed to Innovative Agent Education

As a master agent for MSPs, NXTSYS pushes the boundaries to elevate education programs for our partners and ensure the ability to hold engaging meetings, even when face-to-face isn’t viable. We’ve expanded our capabilities to include virtual reality (VR) meeting rooms that enable us to create innovative, branded experiences – whether to collaborate with partners or hold sales meetings with your clients. Through VR, we can share, review, and annotate files and videos together, developing stronger connections – virtually. 

We’re also pioneering fun VR-based activities to elevate agent education programs, whether through virtual events or using engaging meeting visuals to make educational sessions more lively.

A Winning Season With NXTSYS Starts Now

This year, we’re kicking off our version of a fantasy football season. Get ready to join our MSP fantasy league where you’ll have the opportunity to participate in short, 10 minute weekly education and trivia events – all centered around helping MSPs sell more. You’ll gain insight into how to identify and solve common tech problems for your customers, boost recurring revenue, all while getting a chance to win amazing prizes from our supplier partners.

NXTSYS isn’t your average master agent for MSPs – we’re here to help you make plays that’ll move the sales ball down the field. Don’t miss your chance to score big – both in fantasy league prizes and by increasing your recurring revenue. Get in on our 2021 fantasy season here. It’s a win/win for MSPs!

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