If You Aren't Selling UCaaS, You're Leaving Money on the Table


Unified communications as a service (UCaaS) is how businesses are communicating in the modern world. In fact, this fast-growing market is predicted to grow to $140 billion by 20251 – meaning managed service providers who aren’t offering UCaaS systems will soon fall behind the pack – if they haven’t already.

Because these platforms blend the best of VOIP and messaging services into full-featured platforms that almost any business can afford, UCaaS is here to stay. Integrating services like video conferencing and chat means that UCaaS systems will adapt with the evolving market, especially in a post COVID-19 world where distributed business is the order of the day. Here's what you need to know about selling UCaaS.

UCaaS Is Necessary for Businesses With Remote and Hybrid Teams

UCaaS systems are crucial for distributed teams, both for businesses where everyone on board works remotely, or for hybrid teams which combine in-office and remote workforces. Because these systems exist primarily in the cloud and are sold as services rather than hardware solutions, teams can communicate in the same environment, utilizing the same tools, and presenting the same face to customers. This flexibility keeps everyone on the same page.

Not only that, UCaaS brings uniformity to communications systems, eliminating the uncertainty and time-sink that comes with variable, sometimes incompatible systems and methods. In this new world, all communication tools – VoIP, instant messaging, video conferencing, and more – come together seamlessly, without on-site hardware, thus eliminating unnecessary risk and potential downtime.

UCaaS Works for Businesses of All Sizes

UCaaS levels the playing field. As with most cloud-based and “as a service” solutions, any business large or small can implement UCaaS systems, meaning even mom-and-pops can communicate efficiently just like big companies, and take advantage of the added benefit of looking as big and well organized as any other company – even if staff is only one.

Big businesses benefit too. Gone are the days of running new analog phone lines for every new employee or maintaining cumbersome PBX systems on site. Instead, employees can connect and work from anywhere, anytime – greatly improving the cost of onboarding and making workers more productive.

Traditional Voice Service No Longer Makes the Grade

Traditional voice service can’t keep pace with UCaaS systems – much the same way landlines have been all but replaced by cell phones. Cloud-based, distributed, integrated systems are the norm now – not a novelty. In this environment, MSP customers need collaborative features like messaging, presence, and conferencing just to stay competitive.

By the same token, managed service providers who aren’t selling UCaaS platforms have already been left behind. The good news is UCaaS platforms are as easy to sell as they are to buy.

Catch Up Now

It’s not too late to get caught up. MSPs who want to keep up can still begin offering UCaaS, and the barrier to entry isn’t high. To dive in, contact NXTSYS to learn more about how you close more sales and better serve the rapidly changing business customer.

If you’re not yet a NXTSYS agent, learn more about our agent programs now – and get ahead of the pack.


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