How to Help Your Customers Thrive in Hybrid Work-From-Home Environments

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As an MSP, it’s probable that many of your customers aren’t going back to business as usual after this most unusual year. Employees have found that they enjoy working from home. While some businesses may go back to full-time office work, many are more likely to let their employees work remotely. Or they may establish a hybrid work-from-home model with some in-office and some remote schedules.

As a result, your customers will need to improve their communications infrastructure to support a hybrid work-from-home environment over the long term. And, even if they go back to the office full-time, state-of-the-art communications will help your customers thrive.

What Technologies Can You Offer Your Customers to Help Them Thrive?

In today’s environment, a business needs technology that will let them support a hybrid work-from-home environment. And they need to address an issue that is often overlooked: preparing their business to survive and thrive after a disaster.

Cloud Communication and Collaboration Technologies

People have grown accustomed to using technology to work together, even when they’re not physically located in the same place. Audio, video, and web conferencing will remain a norm in most businesses. Your customers will benefit from unified communications as a service (UCaaS). This cloud-based service will unite VoIP, instant messaging, video conferencing, cloud contact centers, and collaboration tools to create one integrated service.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Many businesses ignore these two critical undertakings, or they think they’re the same thing. They think that if they have backups for their data, they can recover from anything. But, business continuity is intended to allow a business to operate even in the face of some type of disruption. For example, with the right plan and a UCaaS system, a business struck by a cyber attack or a tornado can transfer their phones to another site and keep the business running while they implement their disaster recovery plan.

Partner With NXTSYS to Offer the Exact Technology Your Customers Need

Partner with NXTSYS if you want to be the go-to tech resource for your customers, address their questions, and offer them a tailored solution that meets their exact hybrid work-from-home requirements.

When you partner with NXTSYS, you can also expand your customer base by offering telecom and cloud solutions in one of three ways.

  • Outsourced Agency: Just tell us what your customer needs. We’ll do the sales and provide the deep technology expertise to satisfy your customer’s requirements – and pay you residual commissions.
  • Co-Selling: We’ll act as your telecom and cloud department. We’ll sell together and work together to solve customer problems and split the commissions 50/50.
  • Traditional Master Agency: If you know telecom, cloud, and security technology, you can leverage our portfolio of over 150 carriers and earn evergreen, top-tier, residual commissions.

NXTSYS is the first telecom master agency to successfully co-sell telecom products with MSPs. By outworking the competition and getting in the trenches with its partners, NXTSYS enables an MSP to become the single source for its customers’ entire swath of technology needs.

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