Interview With Christopher Jackson, Vice President of Channel Sales, SpectrumVoIP

We recently sat down with SpectrumVoIP’s Christopher Jackson to get his insight on the latest business technology trends and where things are headed in the second half of 2022. He shared some interesting views on UCaaS, the state of the channel in the current economy, and more. Check out our questions and his enlightening answers below.

NXTSYS: What trends have you noticed most often for top-selling business technology solutions?

Jackson: In the hosted UCaaS world, there seems to be a theme for providers to continue to add new software integrations – like Salesforce CRM and Teams. Those that continue to evolve and react to current business needs will set the tone for the rest of the industry.


NXTSYS: Do you have any market trend projections for evolving solutions as we head into the latter half of 2022?

Jackson: SpectrumVoIP continues to engage with new channel partners on a national level, and we see that there is still a large amount of on-premise solutions needing to be replaced/modified. UCaaS will continue to grow and expand.


NXTSYS: As business technology needs continue to evolve through the aftermath of the pandemic, how is your company innovating its solutions to support the needs of U.S. businesses?

Jackson: Initially, the pandemic forced a large number of folks to work from home. Most companies were/are simply not prepared for this on a long-range basis. We have continued to modify and expand our offerings for these types of arrangements. One of the most current issues compounding work-from-home problems is the economic challenge of inflation, which has our company continually seeking ways to deliver our offerings in a more competitive spirit that will actually help reduce expenses.


NXTSYS: Can you give us some highlights of your channel program?

Jackson: SpectrumVoIP offers our resellers the ability to receive all their commissions upfront. Once the project funds, we pay the Master Agent. Additionally, we have a new training program that allows our resellers to get paid for the actual installation. From an end-user perspective, we deliver an on-site install with training, unlimited feature offerings, and new phones all included in our standard seat price.


NXTSYS: Of course, NXTSYS knows how it has benefited from partnering with you. From your perspective, what do Master Agents like us get out of partnering with you?

Jackson: We understand that our space is crowded and there are a number of options available. We have had a good history of engaging new and emerging partners via NXTSYS to grow our business, which is what we are all about in today’s markets.


NXTSYS: What makes NXTSYS different from other technology services distributors (Master Agents)?

Jackson: We believe it is the history and experience that enable us to grow the relationship. NXTSYS has always introduced SpectrumVoIP to a wide range of resellers. It is important for us to have a relationship with a master agency that cares about creating new and existing relationships. NXTSYS gets it!

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